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The mission of an ophthalmologist is to diagnose and treat eye diseases (glaucoma, cataract) as well as performing eye surgeries. Our eye clinic’s ophthalmologists have the necessary modern equipment to conduct examinations and tests.

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When should you visit an ophthalmologist?

The very first eye examination should take place at the age of three or four. At this stage, it is possible to examine a child’s vision acuity and also other vision functions.

In case everything is fine with the child’s vision, the next appointment should take place before starting school. Next follow-ups to be assigned when necessary.

People who wear contact lenses, should check their eyes once a year. If there are no complaints, then after every 2–3 years.
People who wear eyeglasses, should make an appointment after every 2–3 years.

From age 40, you should have your eyes examined after every 2–4 years. More often in case of complaints or according to the treatment plan.

From age 65, you should have your eyes examined after every 1–2 years. More often in case of complaints or according to the treatment plan.

Ophthalmologist visitor’s guide

  1. Please reserve enough time when coming to an appointment. In case of healthy eyes, the examination time is about 20–30 minutes. When there is a need for further testing, please consider with double the time.
  2. During the complementary exam of the fundus of the eye or of the eye’s optical system, we use eye drops that widen the eye pupil. Therefore your vision afterwards might be blurry for a few hours and the eyes might be light sensitive, so we advise you not to drive a car right after the examination. In case of bright sun, please take sunglasses with you. Working with computer and reading might also be complicated for a few hours.
  3. Please take your eyeglasses and eye prescription with you when coming to an appointment.
  4. Compile a list of eye medications that you currently use.
  5. It is recommendable to write down all your questions and take it along when coming to the appointment.
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