Comprehensive Eye Exam

Vision is a vital function. Our eyes give us information about the world surrounding us and most of us have eyes as the primary working tool.

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Comprehensive eye exam

In order to avoid and prevent dangerous eye diseases, it is essential to conduct comprehensive eye diagnostics so that we can discover and restrain those processes as early as possible.

The comprehensive eye exam gives us a complete overview of the eyes’ health condition.

Comprehensive eye exam includes:

  • ordinary vision and functional vision exam
  • determining the eyes’ optical construction or refractometry
  • measuring the current strength of eyeglasses
  • measuring intraocular pressures
  • measuring cornea thickness or pachymetry
  • measuring the cornea curves’ parameters or keratometry
  • corneal topography (keratoconus diagnostics)
  • topography of optic nerve disc and nerve fibre layer
  • determining the field of vision
  • studying the eyes under a microscope or biomicroscopy
  • prescription of glasses when needed and issuing the prescription
  • excerpt of the tests on paper that can be used by doctors anywhere

Together with the eye doctor’s consultation, the exam costs 70€

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