After the procedure

After the procedureImmediately after the laser eye surgery procedure, you will be asked to sit for approximately 1,5 hours with your eyes closed in the clinic’s recovery room. Our team will offer you tea, coffee, juice and snacks upon request. From time to time, the doctor or nurse will check in on you to monitor your wellbeing. The time spent in the recovery room is needed to make sure that the corneal flap is well nestled.

Before going home, the surgeon will check the status of your eyes under a lamp and will give you the necessary eye drops together with instructions.

A check-up time for the next day will be assigned.

Recommendations for the post-procedure period (FEMTOLASIK, LASIK)

  • Don’t rub your eyes – although the eye cornea recovers quickly, it will still take some time until the flap is securely fixed.
  • Use artificial tears – there are never too many tears in the eye.
  • Use sunglasses – especially when moving outdoors during windy weather. Sunglasses protect your eyes from flying dust.
  • Make-up – during approximately one week, you should give up applying cosmetics around the eyes in order to avoid foreign bodies getting into your eyes.
  • Sports – you may start practicing noncontact sports 3 days after the procedure, depending on the intensity and your sense of wellbeing. You may start parcticing boxing, karate and other contact sports approximately 4 weeks after the procedure.
  • It is prohibited to go to the sauna, pool or solarium during one month.