What is femto-lasik procedure?

1750 € / 2 eyes

Laservisioon is the first eye clinic in Estonia that took the modern FEMTO LDV technology into use in order to perform refractive surgeries. The procedure combines our experience from 2008, knowledge and technology – the Swiss femtosecond Femto LDV laser and fast Allegretto 400 Hz Eye–Q excimer laser.

FEMTO-LASIK is a procedure consisting of two stages where we make use of two different lasers. During the first stage, the surgeon makes a small corneal flap and prepares the eye for the next stage, the vision correction.

The traditional LASIK method uses a mechanical blade to make the flap. With the FEMTO-LASIK method, the FEMTO LDV femtosecond laser is used to make the corneal flap. This makes the procedure completely blade-free and enables the surgeon to tailor the procedure according to the unique characteristics of each patient.


1. FEMTO-LASIK is safe

  • The eye has no contact with a blade.
  • The separation of the cornea from lower layers is more accurate and safe with a laser than with a microkeratome.
  • After cutting the flap, the so-called „tissue bridges“ are not formed, therefore the raising of the flap will have no obstacles.
  • The micro trauma in the cornea tissues is much smaller than when using the microkeratome.
  • Less side effects and complications. FEMTO LDV system enables the surgeon to enlarge the eye’s laser range, causing thus less halos (circles around light sources).
  • The chance of getting an inflammation after FEMTO-LASIK procedure is almost non-existent, therefore you need to use antiflammatory eye drops after the procedure just for 5 days.

2. FEMTO-LASIK is accurate

  • The entire working process of the femtosecond laser can be monitored and managed on the computer’s touch screen.
  • You can observe the laser beam’s work from the monitor.
  • The parametres of the flap are easily changeable and adaptable according to the eye’s individual particularities.
  • The vacuum is ensured, with the help of the computer, by the manageable vacuum system. That enables the maintenance of steady pressure during the procedure.

3. FEMTO-LASIK is fast

  • FEMTO LDV system is ultra fast, the laser impulse frequency is measured in Megahertz.
  • The procedure only lasts for a few minutes.
  • The recovery period is faster than that with other methods. The patient can see after a few hours already.

FEMTO-LASIK and thin cornea

  • FEMTO LDV system creates a thin and even flap, therefore the FEMTO-LASIK is also suitable for patients with very thin corneas.