Myths about FEMTOLASIK procedure

Myth 1: Eye doctors don’t get FEMTOLASIK procedure done on their own eyes

In fact, FEMTOLASIK surgeries have been performed on eye doctors all over the world. And, they have also performed surgeries on their family members and close friends. According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) data these procedures have been done on laser surgeons four times more often than on an average citizen.

Myth 2: Contact lenses are safer than the LASIK method

Researches have compared the occurrance of complications in the eye with LASIK procedure as well as with wearing contact lenses for a longer period of time. The results show no difference between these groups. Almost all long-term contact lens users have felt malaise in their eyes as a result of wearing contact lenses.

Myth 3: After the laser procedure there is a higher risk in seeing halos (beams or glow around light sources)

According to the FDA reasearches the formation of halos after the procedure shows no increase.

Myth 4: After the LASIK method has been applied, the eyes are often dry

According to the FDA reasearches that were conducted before and after the procedure – it was found that after the application of the FEMTOLASIK method, there was a decrease in the degree of malaise caused by the dry eye syndrome.

Myth 5: The safety of laser procedures has not ameliorated

The development in laser surgery during the past 10 years shows not only an amelioration in procedure safety but even depicts the fact that 95% of patients are very content with the results.

Myth 6: Complications are customary

The complications referred to corneal papillae were more frequent before the use of femtosecond lasers. With the help of new technologies and using the formation techniques of a thin corneal papillae the complications are a rare phenomenon.