Pre-Surgery Exam

A comprehensive pre-procedure exam ensures a great end result

Operatsioonieelne uuringWhen you have decided in favour of an eye surgery, you should first attend a comprehensive vision and eye exam. During the pre-procedure exam, the eye doctor will determine which method suits your eyes best.
Please reserve 2 hours for a pre-procedure exam. During that process, we will use eye drops that widen the eye pupil, therefore your vision might be blurry for approximately 3 hours during which time we advise you not to drive a car.
Please don’t use contact lenses 7 days prior the exam.

Tests performed during the examination:

  • Refractometry – measuring the eyes’ optical strength
  • Measuring the eye pressure
  • Lens Metric – measuring the strength of glasses
  • Measuring vision acuity
  • Measuring the size of pupils
  • Measuring the eyes’ tear production (dry eye test)
  • Cycloplegia – widening the pupils in order to study the fundus of the eye
  • Examining the eyes’ surface and bottom with a microscope
  • Pahymetry – measuring the thickness of the cornea
  • Topography – mapping the cornea

Laser procedure is suitable for people:

  • over 18 years of age
  • whose eyeglass or contact lens strength hasn’t changed during the past year
  • who have a good eye and overall health

Laser eye surgeries are not recommended for people:

  • who are younger than 18 because the development of eyes is still ongoing
  • who have cataract
  • who have keratoconus
  • who have a heart pacemaker
  • who are pregnant or are breastfeeding