Installment is valid for laser eye surgeries


Svea finance hire purchase is easy, convenient and favorable solution to get rid of glasses!

Laservisioon eye clinic in co-operation with Svea Finance is offering payment by installments service with first year without any interest. That means you pay only monthly installments without any interest added. If the contract is for a longer period than one year then after a year the interest payments, which is calculated from the residual value of the loaned amount, will be added to the monthly payments.

Patient experiences

Private person payment by installments conditions:

Credit amount up to 2000
Period up to 72 months
Down payment from 0
First 12 months interest 0 %


  • Interest from 13th month 16,9% from residual value
  • Monthly additional fee 0,2% from the credit amount
  • Contract fee 75 €, which is divided into equal amounts and added to the monthly payments

Campaign lasts until December 31, 2018

Additional information about Svea Finance AS payment by installments service can be found on Svea Finance home page or from Laservisioon OÜ representative.

Hire-purchase insurance is offered by Svea Finance AS, Hallivanamehe 4, Tallinn, +372 6 799 422, licence nr. FFA000064.. Review the terms and conditions of the service and consult our experts if needed. The annual percentage rate of charge is 17,17% a year on the following sample terms and conditions: cost of the product/service 1990 €, down-payment 0%, hire-purchase period of 4 years, fixed interest rate from the 13th month 16,99% on the outstanding balance, risk margin 0,2% monthly, contract fee 75€. Hire-purchase period of 48 months, with monthly annuity payments, in the total sum of 2744,14 €.