Now in use fast (400 hz) Allegretto Eye–Q excimer laser


  • fast procedure operating frequency 440 Hz
  • safe Ultra-fast Eye Tracking
  • more accurate end result PerfectPulseTechnology™
  • more natural eye shape PROLATE
  • better vision Wavefront-Optimized Ablation Profiles
  • aiming at excellent vision Topolyzer T-CAT

Safe procedure with Ultra-fast Eye Tracking device

Ultra-fast Eye Tracking means that the eye is being monitored by an infrared camera during surgery, creating an image of the eye pupil that is being operated. The image is used to manage the eye tracker that is moving the laser beam in a way that the computer newly identifies the position of the eye in 4-6 milliseconds before every laser beam is issued 400 times per second, and thus directing the laser beam in the right spot. When the patient’s eye is moving too much, the system stops the laser from working and continues only when the eye is stabilized.

The new equipment ensures that every laser impulse is directed to the correct spot and that the patient’s eye movement does not affect the success of the procedure.