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About the optics shop

At the Laservisioon Eye Clinic there is also a cozy optics shop with a wide variety of eyeglass selection, where you can find frames and quality sunglasses for every taste in different price ranges, from brand frames to more simple and inexpensive models.

The eyeglass frame brands represented are: Guess, Furla, Ralph Lauren, Versace, Marciano, Swarovski, Escada, Vogue, Emporio Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Police, Timberland etc.

We offer top of the line high-tech lenses by Essilor that ensure the best comfort and vision acuity according to your needs and lifestyle.

Choosing the most suitable eyeglass frame is an art form where you need to consider vision acuity, face shape, eyebrow line, eye color and much more. In the end it still comes down to what the customer wishes for oneself and which frames are the most comfortable to wear.

Our specialists with long-term work experience are here to help you find the perfect eyeglasses and frames.

How to choose eyeglasses?

The first step in acquiring new eyeglasses should be the examination of vision acuity at an optmetrist who will then explain which type of lenses you might need.

Choosing eyeglass frames is normally a matter of taste but there are aspects that you might want to pay more attention to.

The most important aspect is comfort. The frames should sit well on the nose; in case of plastic frames – with the entire nose support; and in case of metal frames – firmly and straight with the help of two nose pads.
Also, you might want to think through whether you prefer a metal or a plastic frame, or rather modest eyeglasses without a frame at all.

It is known to have happened that a client chooses frames that are not compatible with the eyeglass prescription. Therefore, you should always trust a specialist who can help you to choose the correct frames in accordance with the eyeglass prescription.


What kind of protection good sunglasses offer?

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