Why are computer glasses necessary?

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Computers have become the primary working tool in many occupations, and more and more people use the computer in their free time as well. That is why there is an increased need for so-called computer glasses. People themselves feel the need for such glasses. When you are working with a computer during a longer period of time and your eyes tend to get tired, letters become blurry, eyes turn red and start itching, you should definetely turn to an optometrist in order to determine the need for computer glasses. When glasses have been prescribed, you can add coats and filters on the eye glasses that provide even more protection to your eyes.

What are computer glasses?

Those special purpose glasses have been adjusted to reduce eye fatigue and offer comfort also when working with a computer during a longer period of time.

Computer glasses differ from regular glasses and reading glasses in several ways, so as to respond to the needs of the eyes’ performance during the time you are looking at a computer screen. The computer screen is normally situated at a distance of ca 50-65 cm from the user’s eyes. This is considered as an average vision area – it is closer than the focus while driving a car but farther than reading a book.

Computer glasses have been adjusted for you to look at the computer screen without making a special effort and taking unhealthy poses.

As accurately and precisely prescribed computer glasses are essential for making the most out them, your best option is to purchase computer glasses at an experienced optometrist. Before making the appointment, please measure the common distance from your computer screen – from the root of the nose up to the computer screen – and take that measurement with you when coming to an optometrist. That will help the optometrist to prescribe the computer glasses with the most suitable strength more easily.