Essilor Eyeglass Lenses

Essilor is the world’s leading manufacturer of corrective lenses. The company that is present in more than 100 countries, acts under the name Essilor since 1972 when two companies merged – Essel, founded in 1849, and Silor, founded in 1931. The innovation driven strategy of the Essilor Group has thus a history of over 160 years.
Essilor’s mission is: improving lives by improving sight.
Essilor’s product line consists of a wide variety of eye- and sunglass lenses in order to correct, protect and prevent risks of visual health.

varilux-series (1)Varilux® S-series progressive lenses are the most innovative multifocal lenses which unique production method ensures the most natural vision in all distances and gives the best end result also aesthetically.

The use of digital appliances has become part of our everyday work and personal life. This has brought upon changes in our habitual viewing and body postures and viewing distances.

Essilor has developed the Varilux® Digitime lens for close and middle distaces that meet our daily needs and reduce eye fatigue even when using smart devices for a longer period of time. When using smartphones you look at very close distances, so you need lenses that support reading very small text, and different viewing areas ensure a natural body posture for all activities related to digital appliances.

People who only need single vision lenses, might like using Eyezen™ lenses when exploring the digital world. These lenses offer optical support for close distances, prevent eye fatigue when using smart appliances and enable a natural body posture at all times.

CrizalUV_VisualEssilor offers several smart, high-quality solutions for the protection from bright sunlight. Photochromic or adaptive Transitions -lenses are available in two versions: Crizal Transitions that don’t change into a darker shade indoors, and Crizal Transitions Xtractive that change shade also when looking through a window, e.g. when driving.

The Xperio polarized sunglass lenses with a versatile shade choice eliminate glare and offer sharp vision, great contrast and color transmission as well as visual comfort in every situation.

SunMax represents a new generation in sunglass lenses offering great optical quality and visual comfort without having to make compromises when it comes to frames. These lenses are suitable for big and curved spectacle frames.

prev0Essilor Crizal® offers coating for all lenses providing protection against glare, scratches, smudges, dust, water and contribute to prevent the harmful effects of UV rays. The best and most unique among this series is Crizal Prevencia that provides additional protection against harmful Blue-Violet Light and thus offers protection at all times and all circumstances.