Ophthalmologist’s consultation
Ophthalmologist’s consultation30 €
Vision audit (comprehensive exam)70 €
Glaucoma patients’ consultation25 €
Repeated ophthalmologist’s consultation at doctor’s recall within 3 months15 €
Follow-up exam or consultation for patients operated at other eye clinics80 €
Optometrist’s consultation
Optometrist’s consultation15 €
Issuing an eyeglass prescription15 €
Assigning and fitting contact lenses30 €
Repeated optometrist’s consultation
within 3 months
10 €
Additional exams
Pre-surgery exam30 €
Eye pressure measurement with Goldmann tonometry5 €
Diagnostics for dry eyes20 €
Corneal mapping (topography exam)20 €
Retinal photography20 €
Visual fields test (by computerized perimetry)20 €