Privacy statement

Your privacy and the protection of your personal information are important to us. The aim of this privacy statement is to set out the purpose and terms of processing your personal information as well as your rights concerning your personal information.

1. Which personal information do we collect and why?

1.1. We request your personal information to provide a contractual service that you have opted for:

  • An appointment with an ophthalmologist or an optometrist;
  • An examination preceding laser eye surgery;
  • Registering for laser eye surgery;
  • Applying for assistive devices for the visually impaired.

1.2. Laservisioon collects your personal information in the following cases:

1.2.1. When you register for an appointment with an ophthalmologist or an optometrist: we will collect your first and last name and phone number;
1.2.2. When you register for an eye examination preceding laser eye surgery: we will collect your first and last name, personal identification number, the dioptre of your lenses, and your age;
1.2.3. When you register for laser eye surgery: we will collect your first and last name, personal identification number, and phone number.
1.2.4. When you are visually impaired and wish to apply for assistive devices: we will collect your personal identification code, your first and last name, home address and phone number.
1.2.5. When you wish to pay for your laser eye surgery in instalments: your personal information will be collected and processed by the chief processor Svea Finance AS (

1.3. Laservisioon processes your personal information for the following purposes:

1.3.1. To suggest products that might interest you;
1.3.2. To notify you of any changes in a service (e.g. when your appointment is moved to another time);
1.3.3. To make sure that we are providing appropriate and high-quality services to the right person;
1.3.4. If you have registered for laser eye surgery, to register your health data in the Patient Portal database ( operated by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund.

1.4. We assure you that we do not collect your personal information from third parties.
1.5. You have the right to refuse to volunteer your personal information to us, but if we require that information to perform a service that is our contractual obligation or an obligation that arises from law (e.g. to perform laser eye surgery), then we are unable to provide that service without your personal information.

2. For how long do we keep personal information?

2.1. We follow the principle of collecting as little information as possible, and thus will collect and keep as little of your personal information as we can.
2.2. Pursuant to law, we are obligated to keep information collected to perform laser eye surgery for 110 years since the person’s birth.
2.3. We will keep contact details needed to provide a service for as long they are required for the service you have opted for.
2.4. We are obligated to keep original accounting records for 7 years.
2.5. If we no longer have any reason to process your personal information – either you cancel the contract or the contract expires – Laservisioon will delete your personal information, unless requirements to store personal information arise from law.

3. Do we share personal information with third parties?

3.1. The law requires us to share personal information with the Estonian Health Insurance Fund and the Social Insurance Board in your interests.
3.2. If you are applying for assistive devices, then we will share your personal information with the Social Insurance Board, who will be responsible for the purposeful and safe processing of your information.
3.3. If you wish to pay for your laser eye surgery in instalments, your personal information will be collected by Svea Finance AS (, who will also be responsible for the safety of your personal information.

4. How do we ensure the safety of your personal information?

4.1. Laservisioon takes administrative, technical and physical measures to ensure the safety of your personal information.
4.2. Only authorised employees of Laservisioon have access to your personal information to amend or process data. Laservisioon has entered into a non-disclosure agreement with all its employees.

5. Terms and conditions of and changes to the privacy statement

5.1. We reserve the right to amend and add to the privacy statement whenever necessary. We will assume that you have read these terms and conditions and agreed to them. If you have questions or concerns about the privacy statement or data processing, please contact us at

6. Personal information queries

6.1. You have the right to send us a query on how your personal information is processed. To make this query, please email us at We will reply to your query within 30 days.

7. The right to file a complaint on information processing with the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate

7.1. Pursuant to Article 77 (I) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation) and other relevant regulations and acts of law you have the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Inspectorate if you believe that your information is not processed according to law.

8. Automated decisions

8.1. Laservisioon does not provide or use a service that would allow performing an analysis of your profile or making automated decisions about you.